Watch your back Middle NZ


The New Zealand Settlements Act 1863

Confiscated over three million acres of Maori land

The Waitangi Tribunal looks at Maori claims

It is under resourced and the queue is long

History repeats itself

It used to be the Native Land Court once

Which the Maori queued up for

To register their land as required by law

Those that did not do so lost their land

Our Government has no shame

When it cares not about corruption

My radical friends

Radical because they shout seditious things out

Have you heard about the MAI they say?

Multilateral Agreement for Investment

Our Governments plan is to sell us to foreign investment

To sell every resource available all in the name of commerce

You get in your car you pay to use the road

You shit in your toilet you pay to flush it away

You turn on your TV and you watch infomercials

You sit on a beach and you pay

You send your kids to school and you pay

And whom are you paying this money to

An offshore Company with a bottom-line

The money does not trickle down

That is capitalistic jargon, a fatal one liner

We sell our minerals, gas, oil, dirt, water, and telecommunications

To people who do not care

About our kids education

About the quality of our journalism

About our decrepit infrastructures

About our future as a country

No one can afford to worry just about their own lives

There is no such thing as a life in isolation

The Law is a silent machine gun

You can ask the poor people all about that

All that stuff about Justice and peace is cock’n’bull

Because the law is not above everyone just some

When the government passes laws that hurt middleclass

Things might start being realised here

But will it be too late

Middle New Zealand just watch you back

Because you nearly live in a third world country

And soon your pay packet won’t cover the things

That should always just be protected

And being poor will be hovering over your very own backdoor.