Celebrity Magazines


I love those celebrity magazines

I heard my friend ban her daughter

I did good and stuck up for Paris Hilton

I know I should know better I should resist

But then the craving seems to more fully persist

I hope Britney is better now she has won awards

I wish Christina well she is doing more than her best

Angelina is the real life Lara Croft I love that movie

Yeah I’ve read Noam Chomsky too I’m reading Adolus Huxley 

I know Norman Mailer’s renegade nature gave journalism flavour

I understand that Britney and Angelina are often airbrushed

Naomi and Tara Black Barbie Oprah two million a minute noodle

Oh My God are those lips botoxed onto that ladies poodle

The ladies with the skinny waists minutes after babies

Chris Brown the Mickey Mouse Clubs competing Obama

Yeah I’ve read three beer boxes of law cases and Strunk and White

I know where to put a dot and and a semicolon; sometimes I dont

But if I was Brad I would have chosen Angelina too

Poor Jessica is not fat just so short that another biscuit will do it

I just love those trashy bitchy stupid lying magazines

Yes I have read Doris Lessing and I know what’s up and down

But these good looking overpaid actors are my favourite non-thinking sport.