Something Borrowed Something Blue


He is imbuing a plastic sheet with the ancient

The ancient that blows in with the sea breeze

A modern attack on an age-old fact, nothing is new

He is drilling his lines into her lines to deadline

Wedding bells are being hung to swing in the sun

When they toll their lines will be joined as one

The disemboweled plastic loose flesh on the ground

No man can eat it not even a cannibal with good teeth

Only fire can change this plastic flesh from waste to decoration

His heart is burning a hole into the soul of a plastic pou

His bride is checking out her dress something borrowed

Something blue; let it be the sky or the paua in the food

He is giving life to a new family of old people we once knew

To mark the day he stands on her land and gives her his hand

With these  carved people for her in it and his heart line ready to go.

Tracey Tawhiao(c)2010