The dog roams up the driveway

On his way to my gourmet compost

Where he will find a turkey thigh

Cooked in cheap wine.

The duck and her fluffy babes

Waddle through my carport

Wait for the dog to get his dinner

Quack talk to the dog about chewing.

The Tui watches everything

From the flax flower he loves

Dancing over the compost

Looking at what the dog is missing.

The Kereru is almost too fat to fly

But he makes it to the power line

Cooing like he’s just eaten a cat

No wonder he is so fat.

The Ants are everywhere

Waiting for no one to finish or leave

Just working their little bums off

Carrying food to their own table.

The rat is fat and furry, cute eyes

His family has eaten from this cafe

For years now and they never come inside

My mother promised poison and they listened.

The spiders have made webs

A supermarket of unwanted bugs

They are taking their Christmas orders

10 flies, a bumblebee, a wasp and a spindly thing.