Oh My God the Blog


The trickle down theory is exactly like the good daughter theory

Give them the reigns let them act by instinct and observation

Sustain any deficit and share any wealth.  The more I do

The more I will always have to do in order for this baby to work

I have two daughters one is the sun and one is the moon I earth them

We all trickle down the cave wall seeing more and more and more

Of ourselves undone from the shadow of moon in line with the sun

Girls be vigilant to produce gardens and forests and springs of light

The Blog Oh my God

It’s time to do the next thing on my list this one is crossed off

A Kereru flew into the house while I was in Tahiti I saw it dead

My trip away left the Wind free to be wild at home some things died

On Huahine the wind was a gentle, warm, breath of sweet air

At night it blew the trees and sea and then me to sleep cool air

We hung the kereru to dry out in a tree waiting for the maggots

To take the meat and leave the feathers and bones for me

The next thing on my list is Oh my God the Blog.