Bed on the Floor


I’ve made a bed on the floor of my living room

Living and sleeping are now one for me

I lie in the middle of living and sleeping

Falling between the gap, the crack

I do desire to live and dream seamlessly

Making all fiction fact, all fact fantasy

For floating under clouds in human anatomy

Is too much reality for any one to take in…to spin

I pray to something I shall not call god

God is only the inverse of dog so that shall not be

Still I pray to this thing that stays so long and silent

I pray and I pray for answers to questions… I never pay

This sky it talks a language made just for us

The things it has seen like the time that has been

Remarkable things it says, things I can and do believe

Get up, be up, look up and stay up, that is what the sky yells at me

I speak to the trees from my bed in the living room

Discordant and disturbed my words might be but they know me

They throw out the birds that sing their tune of repair

I take on their mending and sing them some notes of my merry fair

I’ve made a bed on the floor of my living room

Living and sleeping and talking and eating are all one

We fall over the edge onto the floor but it does not disturb us at all

Only the rain is talking and walking through a night of black songs

With a world beckoning me…to reach beyond this seeming reality.

Tracey Tawhiao (c) 2010