Rain Fish

Rain on this Island

Is wetting up all the dry

While my grandmother and I

Stay shut in to our car

Should we strip naked?

Jump into the pouring rain at

The place it meets this ocean

Aimlessly she agrees

Still neither of us attempts

The removal of these clothes

Instead we say

It is nice to be by the ocean

Even if we can’t be in it

Upon the glassy sand

We sit and look out

Wind down the window

Put our heads out

By the by a fisherwoman

Drives past and stops

Hands us two orange fish

We thank her happily

My grandmother says

Now we can go home

At least we didn’t come

For nothing

Over sandy roads

Through pine forest

We drive home again

Up the driveway my Koro

Laughs at us for being out

In the pouring rain

We smile and hand

Over our fish for gutting

He looks astonished

We say how bizarre

They just jumped

Into the car.

TraceyTawhiao(c)2011 & Artwork by ShonaTawhiao(c)2011