The Bill


Two party politics

Forcing my hand

Pita Sharples get off

That kapahaka stage

Unless you are voting

Against the Bill


I hope  you can

Hear me

Listen to this


Fold your hand now

Yes you will lose alot

But the longer

You hold that hand

The more you will lose



Your four Aces don’t

Beat my

Royal Flush


Vote against

Our enemy

Crown Complicit


Native title remains


Your hand is  on

The shovel

Of our death


Take a fall for this

Do the Don thing

Do it.


Tariana Turia

What’s happened to you

The people might

Have dripped you dry

So drink some water

Breathe in and

Vote against this Bill

Beg your heart

To override your head.


Explain Why later

No deals will ever save

What we already HAVE


Are you listening

The people

Are speaking loud

The people

Are crying out

The people

Who never protest

Are screaming.