Samurai don’t blame her


Samurai man you make us women

Lovesick fools or love burnt demented

Don’t blame her for your own desire

Tempted by folds of brightened Silk

You love to see her face masked

White obscurity pinched lips red

A bullet blood hole called a mouth

Bound up feet to humble her manner

Don’t blame her for your desire

Sumarai man your great journeys

To find what you are lacking

Too much strength not enough love

Women scheming and tempting you

So much desire you must cast aside

To travel the journey of a Samurai

A spear in one hand always hard

A free arm to throw women off you

But don’t blame her for your desire

Sumarai man I know your Love

Overpowers your sword

And makes you the greatest warrior

Longing for a pure and true Love

But don’t drop your sword on it

Nor pick it up for Fame and Glory

You are man and she is woman

There is no further wisdom in it

So don’t blame her for your desire.

After watching the first two epics of Sumurai by Hiroshi Inagaki

This is a response poem to the potrayal of women in the film.