One of YOU

Does anyone mind if I talk about the PR problems for Hone Harawira

How the media pounce on the nearest hint of what they already believe

Because the demon has to be identified to make the good guys look better

Maori versus Maori is only as true as the Dog eat dog world we all live in

Because black versus white is such a well known universal sound bite

There are lies calling themselves a story and storytellers calling themselves reporters

Scientists can tell you that lies are an equation where x equals fear

And Artists are painting and sculpting a world that fears nothing

One lie spreads like wild fire and before you know it truth is a democracy

Based on untold misrepresentation for the fueling of more fear

Hold my hand and walk with me along this uneven windy road

Bin Laden is dead but that’s ok cos now we can fear Hone Harawira instead

My god the man can’t even go to France for a good time let alone a killing spree

No amount of PR can fight the racial prejudice and colonial fear-mongering

Using the reliable and expendable Native to blame for everything wrong

Two hundred years of philanthropic erasure but look Hone is still here

Political PR is so wrong … why try and shine a shit and shit on a shine

We all pay for believing in fear created by words without integrity to truth

Now the poor are poorer and there is no end to the failure in that … a fact

In one poem I pay tribute to all fiction that is called fact, to fact that is called lie

To all lie we prefer to believe because nothing is what they said it would be

Hone Harawira is a brand being conjured from PR nightmares PR messes

Made by people talking to people about what they read and not what they know

When will PR ever be more than just a good show to make you believe

But don’t even believe I am a poet, by now you PR Guru’s know I am really

One of you.