The Taupo Museum


Sitting in the Taupo Museum

Wondering where Tama-o-hoi got to

Shusssh  … Just saying his name might stir him

You stay asleep in a dream taniwha

Where smelling us is disabled

Eat the bones of your own discontent

Sitting in the Taupo Museum

Under the perfect new moon

With signs of love all over the walls


Stars of wonder so bright

If all the worlds lights go out

You will still be able to see us

Grow to the top of your mountain

Look out over your lakes and oceans

Over your lands get over yourself


Petty quarrels play no part in this magic

This starry place we call our ancestor

Bows to all the choices we make in the dark


And without even seeing the stars

I know this years seven shows us

The biggest harvest we’ve had in a long time


Multiplication is a triangular edged sword

And Mono-culture is something to avoid

Clusters bring clusters of bugs that destroy


Those stars can only speak the truth

Good luck is a poor mans magic so

Bow to the heavens that made you


Sitting in the Taupo Museum

Reading myths and legends about who we are

As if we are no longer here but look here we are.


(c)TraceyTawhiao 2011