Will it


Unsubscribing to the online sales

It’s worse than I first thought

This computer is choking on my words

I am so closely connected to my tools

The breathing saints regurgitate goodwill

Still death is near no matter how far away

The spirit is more than what we call nature

All machines are affected by us man made

New Einstein is working on the equation

While I experience the revelation

Every action has an equal and opposite

Mankind is a prime example of it

But we fight it, kill it,  murder it with war

Until it stops violence is a great success

Unsubscribing to the order to date

It’s holding back what is already late

Imagine we create our own fate

Before you lose the opportunity too

The spirit is more than what we call nature

It participates in every action at our will

Will it, will it, will it, I will, will it.

Unsubscribing to players of negative vibe

Your teams over there losing against my positive side

Unsubscribing to fundamentally flawed family feuds

Nothing personal but how does fighting help

The spirit is more than what we call nature

A blazing light nurtured by armies of millions

We all turn on our light by will.  We just will it.