We Have


The News is averting us from the reality of our existence

It is helped by every institution in this country.


We have a Soul.


It is starved of fundamental foods like Truth and Equality.

Kindness and Joy are being killed by Money.


We have a Heart.


The internet is giving us anything we want

But we still want more than we need.


We have Love.


The supermarkets and Malls are feeding off us

Hunger keeps us stuck to the plate of our own demise.


We have Needs.


The power of the indiviual is being subverted by Greed

An appetite too big to satisfy itself.


We have Enough.


A white man calls me greedy while he owns the world

He is sicker than I thought and he is contagious.


We have Miracles.


Inspite of all this unruly and unhealthy stuff I am powerful

Enough to create all my own thoughts.


We have Words.